When can I start?

Now social distancing guidelines and track and trace guidelines are in place we need you to start at the beginning of a four week course. Our classes are not like an evening class, you don't need to wait for a new course to start. If you want to try it we'll see you at St John's Community Centre, St John's Close next Monday. For any questions just email salsabubbles@outlook.com or preferably text us on 07818 445516.

Do I need a partner?

No. Just come along on your own or with a group of friends and give it a go!

What should I wear?

Shoes – should have a smooth sole for both ladies and men and the soles should be flexible. Not flip flop type sandals as these can be dangerous. Most importantly shoes should be comfortable.

Clothing – Something comfortable and loose to allow full movement. In hot weather some men bring a spare top to change into (salsa can be quite hot work!)

Finally – don’t forget the all important anti-perspirant/deodorant – you will get hot and you want people to dance with you!

How long will it take to learn?

Everybody will learn salsa at different speeds depending whether or not they have done any other form of dance before or have natural rhythm.

As a guide you will spend a minimum of 4 weeks in beginners before moving up to improvers. You might spend another 4 months in the improvers class before moving into intermediates but you will be dancing now!

Your teachers will let you know when they think you are ready to move up a level and if you are unsure just ask us.
It is better to take time to learn the basics so they are as second nature as driving a car before moving on or you will get confused and frustrated and we want you to have fun.

Guys don’t forget it can take you a little longer to learn than the ladies because you have more to do. Ladies just need to learn the footwork and the rhythm, men have to learn their footwork, how to lead the ladies, the rhythm and the timing.

Where can I get some salsa music and what should I buy?

If you are just starting your collection any record shop will be fine. Try any of the following compilation albums:

Salsa Moderna
Salsa Classica
I Love Salsa
More I Love Salsa
Salsa Fever

If you are wanting to expand your collection you need a more specialist latin music shop. Click here to see our favourites and visit Mr Bongo’s at www.mrbongo.com